Monday, June 16, 2008

Recent photos of Randy

Here are some recent shots of Randy taking a few minutes out of his busy schedule to pose with a fan.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Frank Trigg: a protege of the great Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis coached promising young wrestler Frank Trigg at the University of Oklahoma. Trigg has gone on to make his mark in the realm of MMA fighting. Undoubtedly he owes much of his athletic prowess to those years spent under the tutelage of the Great One. See wrestler Frank Trigg's bloody, bone-crushing brawl against jiu jitsu black belt Jean-Jacques Machado in Who's Still Standing? This newly released DVD is the greatest MMA fight compilation of all time. It contains these historic match-ups in their entirety:

Couture vs. Inoue
Shamrock vs. Inoue
Trigg vs. Machado
Paulson vs. Newton
Henderson vs. DeSouza
Sato vs. Lewis
Pederneiras vs. Sato
Erikson vs. Randleman

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hopefully Randy will make an appearance too

On May 20, 2008 the Beat the Streets Program and world renowned wrestling legends will honor New York City coaches and the Public School Athletic League (PSAL) for their work in nurturing students through athletics to greatly improve their lives. Dan Gable, U.S.A. Wrestling Hall of Fame and U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame member, Lee Kemp, 2008 U.S. Olympic Freestyle Coach, John Smith, Five-Time NCAA Champion Coach and Lee Roy Smith, National Wrestling Hall of Fame Executive Director, will be on hand to recognize the achievements of the PSAL and wrestling coaches from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Roosevelt Island area schools.

Founded in 2004 the Beat the Streets Program offers middle and high school aged boys and girls wrestling opportunities to build discipline, mental toughness and a strong work ethic to help them achieve victory both on and off the mat. Approximately 3,500 wrestlers from the New York City Public, Private and Catholic School system participate in tournaments, clinics, camps and educational opportunities that Beat the Streets provides.

Who will attend:

Michael E. Novogratz, Chairman of the Board, Beat the Streets

Al Bevilacqua, President, Beat the Streets

Michael Cigala, Executive Director, Beat the Streets

Dan Gable, Special Guest

Lee Kemp, Special Guest

John Smith, Special Guest

Lee Roy Smith, Special Guest


Eric Goldstein, Chief Executive, Public School Athletic League

Bruce Haberli, wrestling coach, New York University

Michael Blyth, coach, Michael J. Petrides School , Staten Island , NY

Keith Conrade, coach, Canarsie High School , Brooklyn , NY

Corey Luce, coach, Roosevelt Island Middle School , Roosevelt Island , NY


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Media call time: 7:00 PM


Bowery Hotel

335 Bowery at East 3rd Street
New York , NY 10003

Media Must RSVP to Attend

Philip Ramirez, 212-784-5713 or


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who's your favorite flyweight?

Even years after his retirement from amateur athletics Randy Lewis still remains a favorite of Sports Illustrated staffers. They use every possible opportunity to put his name in print. Click here to take a recent wrestling quiz from Sports Illustrated.


The legend of Randy lives on and on..

Click here to read a thread about The great One at Hawkeye Nation. Here's an excerpt:

"Posted: 4/20/2008 11:06 AM
Re: Randy Lewis' gold medal match

Thanks GG, this was fun to watch. Reminds me of one of my favorite Randy Lewis memories. Any or all of this recollection could be inaccurate given the fog of the years, but I have a vivid memory of watching Lewis wrestle a match in the Big Ten Tournament in Iowa City. I believe he was wrestling a kid from Illinois. Early in the match Lewis stuck his leg out inviting a leg shot from the opponent, the kid took the leg and Lewis pounded him, probably for back points in addition to a takedown. Later on the feet again, Lewis baits him with the leg again, the kid shoots again and promptly gets pounded again. Still later, on the feet again, Lewis sticks his leg out again, and the kid TAKES A BIG STEP BACKWARDS. It was hilarious and my friends and I laughed our a$$es off."


Monday, May 12, 2008

What does Randy think of female fighting?

Rumor has it that Randy Lewis is a complete male chauvinist pig. His former teammate Rico Chiapparelli appears in the documentary film Fighter and happened to give Randy a copy of it. After watching the movie even Randy had to admit that MMA fighter Victoria Schiltz (shown in the pics above) has some skills. She stars in Fighter along with Chiapparelli, wrestler/UFC champ Randy Couture and a number of amateur athletes. The film includes one of Victoria's bloody cage brawls and several interviews with Victoria about her life, family, and unconventional career. The images above were lifted directly from the DVD. Click here to buy Fighter at now. You can check out more reviews of Fighter here at


Randy discusses Dan Gable

Young Randy grew up in South Dakota, went on to attend the University of Iowa, and later traveled the world as part of the US wrestling team. Now he resides in parts unknown and delights wrestling fans everywhere with his sporadic contributions to various blogs, discussion forums, and websites all over the Net. Click here to read Randy's words about legendary wrestling coach Dan Gable.