Friday, May 23, 2008

Frank Trigg: a protege of the great Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis coached promising young wrestler Frank Trigg at the University of Oklahoma. Trigg has gone on to make his mark in the realm of MMA fighting. Undoubtedly he owes much of his athletic prowess to those years spent under the tutelage of the Great One. See wrestler Frank Trigg's bloody, bone-crushing brawl against jiu jitsu black belt Jean-Jacques Machado in Who's Still Standing? This newly released DVD is the greatest MMA fight compilation of all time. It contains these historic match-ups in their entirety:

Couture vs. Inoue
Shamrock vs. Inoue
Trigg vs. Machado
Paulson vs. Newton
Henderson vs. DeSouza
Sato vs. Lewis
Pederneiras vs. Sato
Erikson vs. Randleman

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